UV Laser marking Machine

UV Laser marking Machine


Has a shorter wavelength, short pulse, high beam quality, high precision, high peak power and so on. Therefore, special material processing system has a very excellent application properties, in a variety of materials surfaces can significantly reduce the thermal effects, machining accuracy greatly improved.


Mainly used for marking and surface electronic components, buttons fine mark, all kinds of glass, TFT, LCD, plasma screens, thin ceramic, silicon chip, IC crystal, sapphire, polymer films and other materials processing.

Model- JZ-UV3, JZ-UV5, JZ-UV10

Laser Type- Ultraviolet Laser

Frequency Range- 1-100KHz

Pulse Width Range- 1-30ns

Laser Wavelength- 1064nm

Label range- 110mm x 110mm (Optional)

Marking Speed- =<7000mm/s

Repeat Accuracy- +-0.1 um

The speed of light diameter- 0.8mm

Cooling Way- Air cooling

UV Laser machine 3W/5W

UV Laser machine 3W/5W